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Aug 28 14

Heidi Will Be Here Shortly

by PamOBrien

This is Heidi! She is a brown schnauzer that is 1 1/2 years old. Her dad is really sick and can’t take care of her anymore. I went through puppy classes and and passed with flying colors. My trainer gave me a few other classes, but the my Dad went to the hospital. Sadly he will not get better. I hope someone will take me to classes because I think I am very smart.


We rarely get young females in rescue and what most people would like. Please read our requirements about Heidi and all the schnauzers that are coming into our foster homes. They are rescued already and just need a home that suits Heidi and what is best for her. We know she will find a good home! What a sweetie she is.

Aug 25 14

Please Adopt Me, My Name is Charlie

by PamOBrien

GoingToGroomers6 year old schnauzer Meet Charlie, he was her husbands dog and with this family since he was 8 weeks old. Charlie is now 6 years old. w_4 year old He had a schnauzer sister who is 4 years old now. Halloween Dad can’t have him due to the divorce and him moving to an apartment where Charlie is not allowed. GoChiefs Now he has to move in with a dog that he does not get along with. The owner of the house says Charlie must go now. MyChair Charlie was going to the shelter in a few hours and at the last minute, the owners boyfriend decided to keep him for a few days. The chain of events had nothing to do with poor Charlie and he has to be re-homed because of life changes.

Jun 10 14

R.I.P Sweet Kobi

by PamOBrien

KobiKobi was rescued on Christmas Eve from Warwood MN and far away from us. Even though our volunteers and I had lots to do that night our attention went to him. We had to get him as he was an outside dog. We wanted him to be in a house, warm, and loved for Christmas Day. The only thing that saved him was his coat was so matted it insulated him from our brutal Winters here in Minnesota. It wasn’t hard to find a home for him and he lived with two wonderful humans and a new sister Inga. He even got to experience a new baby in the family and was the sweetest boy anyone could dream of. He never got better after his dental and increased ailments started.. Kobi had a great life with the O’Shea’s. We are sad when they go and it hurts so much. His story and the other schnauzers we successfully re-homed is why we do rescue. We love you Kobi and rest in peace.