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Jun 10 14

R.I.P Sweet Kobi

by PamOBrien

KobiKobi was rescued on Christmas Eve from Warwood MN and far away from us. Even though our volunteers and I had lots to do that night our attention went to him. We had to get him as he was an outside dog. We wanted him to be in a house, warm, and loved for Christmas Day. The only thing that saved him was his coat was so matted it insulated him from our brutal Winters here in Minnesota. It wasn’t hard to find a home for him and he lived with two wonderful humans and a new sister Inga. He even got to experience a new baby in the family and was the sweetest boy anyone could dream of. He never got better after his dental and increased ailments started.. Kobi had a great life with the O’Shea’s. We are sad when they go and it hurts so much. His story and the other schnauzers we successfully re-homed is why we do rescue. We love you Kobi and rest in peace.

May 22 14


by PamOBrien

Chelsea is a 7 year old spayed female schnauzer with diabetes. She was surrendered by her owner because he had a stroke and couldn’t care for her anymore. She gets 25U insulin twice daily by injection. She is a very good natured, happy dog and although she is almost completely blind from diabetic cataracts, she adapts very well to her surroundings once she gets used to them and would make a great pet for someone who can give insulin shots. Helping a special needs dog is the true meaning of rescue please contact us if you are interested in giving her a forever home that she once thought she had.

May 21 14

I want work! Pupadup the Therapy Dog:

by PamOBrien


9 year old min Schnauzer who is for me means a lot to the owners niece.  Her Aunt died and she rehabbed her for the past four years.  Keeping her socializing her and getting her physically and mentally healthy.  We are in the process of finding her certificate so she can go anywhere with the new owner.  “She is a smart girl, with a temperament of gold.  I hope you can help me,  Pupadup was once a diabetic service dog and maybe having a job may be what she needs, I just want the best for her.”