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Britta Update

by PamOBrien on March 13th, 2009

Here is the newest “office assistant” Britta.  She knows she is queen of the house… takes the spot closest to foster mom or dad on the sofa, or bed when its nap time. Knows where the kitchen is and the kibble bin… ahem… I have to now latch it…. she pushes the cover off with her nose, and has taught the other two that they can be cat burglars too!

She gets along great with her foster brother, Ben and sister Maddie, and loves having the fenced yard to blast around in with Ben. The last couple of high-melt days, they need mini showers and towel rubs to get all the water and ‘snow dirt’ off when they come in… as you can see by her damp feet and furnishings. She is doing very well in her house-hygiene, now goes to the deck door when she wants to go out.
She is a cuddle bug too, and loves to be held. She is a ‘flipper’ when she wants attention… she’ll flip your hand or elbow up with her nose when she wants you to continue to pet her.
When the outside dries out a little more, we will begin her walks and leash work. I expect she will catch on as quick as she has everything else. She is working hard to earn her forever home!
Foster mom, Dianne and Foster Dad Bob

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