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Rosey and Scarlet

by PamOBrien on June 16th, 2010

Rosey and Scarlet are siblings.  They are uncropped black females.  Rosey has one ear up and one ear down.  Scarlet has lots of curly fur and is more outgoing than Rosey.  Scarlet being on the shy side loves to have lots of pets and reassurance.  They have already been to a schnauzer picnic and was a little overwhelmed, though socializing is what they need most.  They both love car rides, walks, and dinner time.  The owner is going through a divorice, works, full time, and is a full-time Mom.  She feels she can not devote the time that these two special girls need.  They will be placed separately so they can become confidant and not so dependent on each other.  Please read our adoption page, policy page, and frequently asked questions, on how to go about adopting one of these girls.