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Billie’s Happy Ending

by corkig on December 27th, 2010

Here is the email I received from Donna ~Corri

Billie is a little lover!  She enjoys cuddling on the couch,and especially enjoys her belly being rubbed.  She is such a silly girl, lying on her back with her head going backwards off the couch, while her tummy is rubbed.  Billie enjoys going for walks and meeting her new neighbors.  Billie especially enjoys going to the bank with Jim and looking for that treat to come through from the teller.   She is learning she doesn’t have to scarf down her food now that she is the only dog in the house.  Billie can now jump up on the bed when we pat the bed and say ‘up’, she is so proud of herself.  We were told she had never done this before.  Because we adopted her on December 14, we have named her Miss Billie Holiday.  We feel so blessed to have Billie Holiday in our lives.

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