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by PamOBrien on July 5th, 2011

Keira is a 7 year old female that was rescued from Kansas City. Their shelters were overrun and transport brought 17 dogs to various rescues. She is a sweet and loves to give kisses in thanks for taking her into foster care. She loves car rides and races to the the door when the car keys are out.  She came with Shay.

Her and Shay get along great and are often found close together and wanting scratching, pets, and human attention. Keira is very patient for everything and one of the sweetest girls we have seen. Her coloring is called Liver and is very unique to people that have had schnauzers all their lives.


This is how she looked when we first got her in. She had oily fur, bumps all over her skin, and hardly any muscle tone. With good dog food, medicated shampoo, and exercise, she looks so pretty now. We were glad to rescue her from being neglected.  We can’t wait to see her in her own home.

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