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Li’l Abner, Daisy Mae, Sadie, and Bella Are Coming to MN Soon!

by PamOBrien on July 6th, 2012

Four Miniature Schnauzer given to a Missouri shelter as they were not wanted anymore. Perhaps the girls didn’t produce the right size litters, wrong colors, or just weren’t worth having anymore. Little is known about them.   MSPMSR Rescue often helps this state out as their shelters are over-run and have 3 times as many puppy mills as we do here.







They were pulled from this shelter and now at a local dog rescue. They all got Baths and most of the mattes removed. They had one of their first vet appointments and are on their way to a great life. Still in MO and awaiting to be spayed and minor teeth cleaning. They are ages 1-4 years old and are all very sweet. We anticipate their arrival on July 21st and we know they will all find loving homes here.





We will update their status as soon as this wonderful rescue writes to us and she will share pictures of their progress. If you would like to donate for their medical needs, this would help keep us with our goal to save as many as we can financial care for. These four being saved help free up the needed cages this shelter desperately needs. If you would like to start the adoption process please go to our adoptions tab or write to to sponsor one of these schnauzers.  (Boy not pictured as he is with a different foster family)

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