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Code of Ethics

Each rescuer wishing to be a member of the Mpls. /St. Paul Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Group must sign the Rescue Code of Ethics. As Miniature Schnauzer Rescuers, we pledge the following:

  1. To perform Miniature Schnauzer Rescue as a nonprofit endeavor. My rescue work will be voluntary and not performed to profit any organization or individual.
  2. To assure that all Rescue Miniature Schnauzers are spayed or neutered before adopting them to new owners.
  3. To house and socialize Rescue Miniature Schnauzers in safe, humane and sanitary conditions, which meet or exceed all minimum standards as defined by local health, animal control, and sanitation authorities, and to provide Rescue Miniature Schnauzers with appropriate food, clean water, and shelter. I will provide a secure and stable environment for the dogs and will interact one-on-one with them as much as possible; in order to assess their temperament and special needs for placement.
  4. Work to ensure that all volunteers in my rescue are educated in their area of service, whether fostering, adoption screening, temperament evaluation, transportation, or educational outreach.
  5. To provide appropriate routine veterinary care for all foster animals, to include but not be limited to, vaccines, alter, hw test, fecal test, dental care, appropriate laboratory analysis, and emergency care.
  6. To temperament test each animal and exercise good judgment to assure the animal’s suitability for placement. I will not knowingly place a vicious or otherwise temperamentally unsound animal in an adoptive home.
  7. If a dog comes into my care with AKC papers or a breeder’s microchip is discovered, I will make a reasonable attempt to contact the breeder to inquire about return of the dog or assist in placing the dog in a permanent home. In accordance with paragraph 2, the dog should be spayed or neutered and before return of the dog, the breeder would be asked to contribute to that expense.
  8. That I will only euthanize Rescue Miniature Schnauzers that are determined not adoptable due to serious health or temperament problems. Euthanizing will be done by a Veterinarian and the body properly disposed of. This act must be approved by a complete consensus of the Mpls. /St. Paul Miniature Schnauzer Rescue group.
  9. To thoroughly evaluate potential adopters utilizing a combination of written applications, home visits, checking vet references, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and personal reference checks, as appropriate, with the goal of placing all Rescue Miniature Schnauzers in homes that are appropriate to the Miniature Schnauzer breed and each individual dog’s specific needs.
  10. To thoroughly interview potential adopters utilizing three or more of the following methods: written application, phone interview, home visit, face-to-face interview, vet reference check. The goal is to place all rescue animals in homes that are breed-appropriate and specifically appropriate to each individual animal.
  11. To fully disclose all relevant information that is known at the time of placement or adoption regarding the health and temperament of each Rescue Miniature Schnauzer and its source (i.e. owner surrender, puppymill, etc.).
  12. To provide each adopter with information about the breed, common diseases, training tips, and appropriate standard care. I will provide follow-up advice and assistance to adopters.
  13. In order to prevent their unlawful use, I will not release the original registration papers of any rescue dog to the adopter(s), even if the animal is sterilized.
  14. To require every adopter to return the adopted Miniature Schnauzer to the Mpls./St. Paul Miniature Schnauzer Rescue if he/she can no longer keep it. We will always accept the return of a dog that has been adopted from us.
  15. To recommend specific purebred breeders to adopters desiring such information (when possible), but to refrain from promoting any specific breeder, for profit-breeding business or operation as a means for adoption of any breeder’s unsold animals.
  16. To return phone calls to agencies and/or private owners with pets to place promptly. If I am unable to return calls promptly, I will make alternative provisions to have calls handled by another rescue representative, or if none is available, to leave information on my phone answering system as to when I will be available to take calls. I will conduct myself in a courteous and professional manner in my rescue work such that my behavior brings credit to the image of MSPMSR and animal rescue in general.