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Minneapolis/St. Paul Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Adoption Page


The Miniature Schnauzer
Puppy Mill Dogs
Policy Page

Step 1: Read our policy page.
Step 2: Read this adoptions  page.
Step 3: Fill out our Application.

We love you Winnie!  We had you each year you were in the horrible puppy mill and 4 years was too short.

Our adoptables come to us for many reasons including life changes where the owners wanted and loved their mini schnauzer but for various reasons couldn’t keep it. Our rescue mission for these dogs is to find a 100% better life for them and this includes matching the right home with the needs specific to each rescued dog.

Before we consider your home for a miniature schnauzer rescue dog, you will need to view our policy and frequently asked question page as ensuring these rescued dog have the best family match is important.

Our rescue is not a shelter: We are a non-profit volunteer organization that relies solely on our volunteers to manage the application and adoption process. As avid miniature schnauzer fans, most of our volunteers, in addition to raising families and working, have their own dogs, and are fostering others in anticipation of placing them in their forever home. So, please be patient as the adoption process may take some time.

Application: We must receive an adoption Application, filled out by the caretaker, via US mail to start this process. Please download our form, type out your answers, print it out, and mail it to MSPMSR at the address listed on the application. You can expect to hear from us within a week from receipt of your application, via e-mail, although it may be sooner. An initial review of your application will completed including reference checks.

Home Visit: The next step would a phone interview and setting up a home visit with one of our volunteers. Normally the home visit is completed within that week time frame although it depends upon when we get your application, where you live, and our schedules.

Denied applications: We try to be the voice for our dogs and their needs are of critical importance when placing them in a forever home. People often get offended if they don’t meet our policies, but please know that we know and understand the mini schnauzer breed — this is the reason for our policies and we have only their best interests at heart. Denied application will be through e-mail and the reasons would be at the rescue’s discretion. We don’t disclose the reasons, as we found that this will be used when applying through a different organization.

Home visit: Once the match is made a contract will be signed; an adoption fee paid, and a two-week trial period will start. You and your new family member can start a new life together! Our rescue always keeps track of our 4-legged friends and they will always come back to us if it doesn’t work.

After you have read this our process, our policies, and frequently asked questions page, you are ready for step 3.

*You should hear from an MSPMSR volunteer within few days from receipt of application via phone or e-mail.

4.  A phone interview will be conducted and answer any further questions you might have and a home visit will be set up with MSPMSR volunteer.

5.  If approved, a dog that matches your lifestyle will visit you and if that works out, an adoption contract is reviewed and signed. There is two-week trial period.

Best of all you and your new forever friend can enjoy a life together!