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Still Looking For a Home!

Luke and Corabelle

Luke_and_CoraWe are looking for new homes for our Mini Schnauzers, Luke and Corabelle. They are around 7 years old and still have a lot of spirit and a lot of love to give. We never thought we would have to re-home the pups we adopted so many years ago. Unfortunately life can bring unexpected changes and challenges that require very difficult choices. Due to financial reasons we need to re-home Luke and Corabelle so they can have the life we thought we would always be able to provide for them. We are now unable to supply them with the basics such as regular vet/dental care or even quality food. I have recently returned to school in hopes to better support my family; the down side of this is that the pups spend most of the day in their crate. Being very people loving dogs, this situation is heartbreaking to me.  I have discussed the situation with my children. They are very sad, but understand that this is what would be best for Luke and Corabelle, a difficult life lesson for us all. I have promised the kids that I would make sure the pups went to homes (home) that would love them as much as we do. The sooner we can find good homes for Luke and Corabelle the sooner we can all adjust to this difficult change and the sooner Luke and Corabelle can get what they need and deserve.