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Minneapolis St. Paul Miniature Schnauzer policies and frequently asked questions page.

Thank you for considering adoption!

Step 1: Read this  policy page.

Step 2: Read the adoptions tab.



  • You must live in the Twin Cities Area
  • You must have a fenced in yard (we do not consider underground “electronic” fencing to be suitable fencing)
  • You have a forever home for one that needs one.

Please read our commonly asked questions listed below before calling the Rescue Coordinator Pam O’Brien.

Frequently asked questions:


Are the listed dogs still available? All listed dogs are available and this is the biggest question asked.  We take our dogs off the available list when they are adopted and put them in our happy endings.  We update our website as soon as an adoption takes place.

Why do I have to have a fence? Reliance on voice recall as a method of containment is not acceptable, nor is a promise to keep the dog tied out or on a leash.  Our contract states that they can not have free roam with out proper fencing.  Miniature Schnauzers have a strong prey drive so this is not an acceptable situation. This is a safety issue as fencing also keeps other animals our of their yard.  We also make a pledge to safely place these rescue’s as to families who surrender their former pets to us for placement.

Why do you do Home Visits? We do not allow people to come and pick up dogs home visits are mandatory, as we need to see where the rescues will be living. The entire family adopting our dogs needs to be present for a home visit and want a dog wholeheartedly.

What is the adoption fee for? In addition to love and attention, it takes money to care for our canine friends and get them ready to be welcomed into their forever homes! As such, there is a fee associated with the adoption of a Miniature Schnauzer from MSPMSR.  This fee is to cover the medical costs of altering, teeth cleaning, and other veterinary treatments the dogs may need. We will discuss the adoption fees once we do a phone interview.

What is the contract for? Once a match is made, a contract will be signed, an adoption fee paid, and a two-week trial period will start. Our rescue always keeps track of our 4-legged friends and they will always come back to us if it doesn’t work.

Why do you have to live in Minneapolis or St. Paul? We acknowledge that other shelters may or may not have these rules and you must live in Minneapolis or St. Paul to adopt one of our rescue dogs.  MSPMSR is a group of volunteers who work, have families, and dogs of their own. In order to best support the adoption of these dogs, we require adoption to be in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area. It is a time commitment to ensure we are able to match the right home with the needs specific to each rescued dog. It may take several visits to make the right match for a family.  Our requirements are clear and this is firm and there are no exceptions at this time.

Why don’t you adopt to families with kids? We realize many families with children have had dogs before and are possibly looking for a replacement. Since we are not breeders we can not guarantee the temperament of our dogs. It is an insurance liability and we can’t take a chance something happening to any child. We are also looking after the safety of our wonderful foster dogs. If you are adding a pet to your family, we suggest you do your research on what breed is good with children.  Finding a breeder that breeds for temperament o the dog is highly suggested.  Most of the schnauzers we get in, we do not know the parents and if they will be good with babies and young children.

Can you ship the dogs? We do not ship our Rescue Dogs and we do not adopt to those outside the Twin Cities. Because our volunteers live in the Twin Cities and the home-checks require a major commitment, we cannot travel outside the metro area to visit potential adopters.

I want to give a dog for a gift to someone: These dogs are not adoptable during the holidays and are not to be given as “Gifts.” Holidays are a hectic time of year and this is not a good time to think about adding a family member to your household.  The new owner must want them whole heartily and apply for our rescue dogs as instructed and go through the steps needed.  These dogs are not to be given away ever again and will come back to us if needed.

Can I come see the dogs? We do not have a physical location and dogs cannot be viewed prior to the adoption paperwork being filled out. They are in loving foster homes and have been rescued already. Once a match is made, meeting the dogs is the next step. They can also be viewed at one of our events.  Please e-mail ahead of time to see if the foster family will be there firstly to meet one of our adoptables.

Further questions: Please e-mail our Rescue Coordinator Pam O’Brien: or phone: (612)719-1213.