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About the MSPMSR Foster Program

If you want to help save the lives of Miniature Schnauzers, becoming a foster home is a great and rewarding way to help! The reason we offer this program is allow us to rescue more,  without the foster parents, we simply can’t help the amount of Miniature Schnauzers we have helped.  MSPMSR has saved over 100 dogs last year and we see this number doubling each year.  Since we don’t have a physical location and do not believe caging unwanted dogs, we rely on this program to keep our rescue organization working to its full potential.

What Do I Need to Know to Be a Foster?
Patience and a capacity for endless love are the most important qualities!

What Does a Foster Home Do?
1.  Love them: Foster homes create a loving environment and teaches them how to be a dog and not to worry about things the humans will take care of.

2.  Keep them groomed: Grooming is free as many members know how to clip a dog in a schnauzer haircut and you will just let the coordinator know that grooming is needed.

3.  Creative skill; writer/photographer: You will use our portal information form and fill it out  with  a small description of your new little rescue, take a couple really cute picture of them, and send to the  for posting on our pet portal site ( which advertises that we have dogs for adoption).   We also have a photo enhancer that will fix any pictures.

4.  Be a Blogger: We also have created a Blog page to post stories and pictures about their foster dog.  Our website relies on stories and pictures and people love to read about the dogs they see on our adoptable dog page.  There is a team that will help you post blogs and even do it for you.

5. Enjoy other people: We have monthly get-togethers that are so much fun.  Socializing your foster in very important.  Talking to other schnauzer lovers is always a great time.

What About Expenses?
Fostering a dog is of little or no expense to you, but there are some guidelines that must be discussed with the Rescue Coordinator.  MSPMSR is responsible for the pre-approved costs of veterinary care for the rescue dog in your care.  We work with a few vets around that give us a great discount on vet care.

How Do I Get Started
Contact Pam O’Brien:  You will then receive a weekly newsletter to keep you informed on what is needed. Then you simply jump in when you can!

Our rescue work is never ending unfortunately and what is needed can change day by day.  We can save more lives with your help.