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MSPMSR is an all-volunteer organization.  To become an active member you must be able to volunteer in one or more areas to help us keep this rescue running:

Volunteer Opportunities 

Fostering Dogs : (see our fostering tab for more information)

This means caring for miniature schnauzer temporarily in your own home. This is the basis for our rescue as we have no “animal shelter.” Food, supplies, and vet care are provided by us; though many are able to do this without requiring supplies. Crates, leashes, toys, are often available for loan to volunteers. Front-line and heart worm medication may be available also. Foster families are urged to take pictures of their schnauzers and “Blog” about their foster as much as possible.

Transport Helper:

This includes transportation of dogs to and from foster homes, the vet, regular adoption fairs, or special events. Coordinating picking up items for fund raising events. Many of our dogs come from IA and coordinating pick up from various rescue railroads to the cities. Helpers get arrange the fosters getting dogs. Usually in a central location at a Pet food store.

Dog Sitter:
Sometimes fosters need a babysitter for various reasons. It could be a weekend or a few weeks. This may entail taking them to the vet or an event.

Money Donations:
We understand life circumstances can not commit with their talent or time and would rather donate. They can then stay informed with our rescue and at one point help in the future.

To receive our newsletter weekly you must be an active member, active members are also provided the password to our membership page which has our past newsletters, organizational form and other private information.